I hung out and had fun with friends multiple times this week (we’re vaccinated) and the return to semi-normalcy feels good. Finished both my OOP project and Graphics projects on time, then I slacked off for the last few days.

I have another project deadline this week in Computer Graphics and right now me and my pair programming partner are stuck at a point where we need help to make progress but that means we just have to wait until office hours. I’d like to get started with Project 5: Life nice and early but I’m not exactly clear of the inheritance structure we’re supposed to be designing, especially with regards to the “handler class” Cell.

This coming week I hope to definitely create all the files and include structure I need for the project by adapting older projects’ files (i.e. Run Harness, Test Harness, makefile, etc.). Also I think we should be on track to turn in the Graphics project, but we have to come up ideas for our final project in that class nearly concurrently because of the deadline structure.

I write the blog entry before doing the paper every time. I’m not sure I’m going to do the one for this week yet.

I thought it was pretty standard stuff in terms of the types of containers, though the deque was slightly unique. Nice to see how the containers work in the C++ standard library as opposed to Java’s, for example.

Hanging out with friends as mentioned in the first question

My tip of the week is to start out with the correct structure for a project instead of letting the problem grow worse and worse. Despite it being obviously a terrible idea I started Project 4 directly on HackerRank working in one large file and the include error circus that ensued made me regret all of my life choices

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